Songkran I miss you


Concept: Songkran I miss you
**Limited collection for 2020**

A lot has happened the year 2020, including various natural disaster, economic crisis, major political movement and the unforgettable global pandemic of COVID 19, which may permanently change the way we live. However, we will have to keep our heads up high and continue with our lives. Therefore, I believe that every positive thought in every little thing in our life is so important and essential.

With that thought in mind, I would like to create a story with positive energy and a reminder of a happiness that we can enjoy in our everyday life through a life of zodiac mouse in Chiangmai, Thailand. In this collection, it will consist of 4 items, a mug set which consist of three different artwork and a 14/3 pinto food carrier. Each artwork will involve the zodiac mouse and friends in different activities.

Water splashing at Ta Pae street
A very popular event during Songkran or water festival in Chiangmai, everyone from local Thais to international visitors are said to be looking forward for this event every year.

Building a sand castle in Wat Pra Singh
Chiangmai has plenty of temples that are very important and consider as a historical site. And Wat Pra Singh is definitely one of the most renowned among locals and visitors as the temple is located in the city of Chiangmai and has a hint of Lanna style architecture design which regard as the traditional art from the North of Thailand. Every Songkran day kids will express their creativity with their friends while the parents will visit the temple to prays and offers donations within the temple vicinity.

Bamboo stork racing
A classic racing game for Thai kids with a backdrop of a vintage style house which commonly seen in Chiangmai.

Artist info

Pijittra Sitalanuchit
Self employ & Freelance graphic designer

Pijittra Sitalanuchit


Premium Enamel Mug 9 cm White/Black - Zodiac Mouse Banana stork
sep-mu009-whn-zmo201 Packing 36 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Mug 9 cm White/Black - Zodiac Mouse Sand castle
sep-mu009-whn-zmo202 Packing 36 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Mug 9 cm White/Black - Zodiac Mouse Water festival
sep-mu009-whn-zmo203 Packing 36 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Food Carrier 14/3 White/Black - Zodiac Mouse
sep-fc143-whn-zmo200 Packing 6 Unit/Carton