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Enamel or glass coating technology had been invented in German since 1760, before gaining mass popularity around 1850. Due to its vibrant colors, attractive patterns, and excellent durability, enamelware have been an all-time favorite for users in households and kitchens around the world. Enamelware isn’t only appealing to look at, but also serves as a handy kitchenware with many useful properties. The Enamel kitchenware allows food to be cooked thoroughly and quickly, while able to be exposed directly on to the flame of gas stove or hot plate with its excellent heat transfer properties. Moreover, it is easy to clean, able to withstand food acidity, and free from metal contamination. If properly used and cared for, these wonderful enamel kitchenware will surely last for decades to come-serving both as a purposeful utensil and classic kitchen adornment.


Siam Enamel Factory Ltd. (SIAM ENAMEL) spent the past 60 years designing and perfecting enamel kitchenware for both domestic and international customers, under the well recognized Rabbit Brand.

Every product under the Rabbit Brand has been designed and produced with deep understanding of our customers’ preference while embodying the concept of safety for our consumers, which leads to the unswerving positive customers’ feedback. Today, we offer a wide range of kitchenware and utensils from pots, dishes, bowls, spoons, food carriers, trays, basins and more for our customers to select from.



Officially established. 1955


Increase production capacity, the new factory was founded. 1983


Begin the export venture to Japan, USA, and Germany. 1997

Look Beyond

Under the motto of THE TIMELESS DESIGN WITH MODERN FUNCTIONALITY, Siam Enamel is committed to:

  • Deliver the Best Product Quality and Practical Design

  • Support Local community in both Craftmanship and Creative design

  • Promote eco-friendly life style for our enamel lover customers worldwide

Production Process

Being certified with ISO 9001:2015 assures that every product must pass the standard of manufacturing processes. to maintain our high standards, every single step of production is inspected and attended in order to offer the best quality products to our customers. Furthermore, our Company also highlights on the importance of skill development while uplifting personnel work life standard, improving their professional ability and attitude as we strongly believe that supporting our staff’s life quality will also have positive effects on their professional outcome.

SIAM ENAMEL’s commitment to excellence is our promise to deliver the very best products to our customers.

Certificate of Quality

Siam Enamel Factory Ltd. has been audited and found to conform to ISO 9001:2015 for the following activities "Manufacture of Cookware" Certificate No. 780807

Rabbit Brand® The Mark of Quality

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