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Classic Enamel Food Carrier 14/3 White/Green - Kai Lampang


An image of a Lampang fighting cock is well-known for a long time and has been an iconic symbol in many cooking ware across Thailand Northen region. With the fusion of enamel ware from Siam Enamel and the all time favourite symbol of Lampang, comes along the new Kai Lampang enamel ware series. This 3 tiers food carrier with the iconic Lampang chicken is a part of a 3 pieces set of the Kai Lampang series

  • Colours:
Unit Dimension (width x length x height) 14 x 17 x 28
Volumn (ml) 900
Weight (g) 800
Packing (Unit/Carton) 6
  • Remarks

  • Thank you for your interest in our product and…
    Please note that all of our enamel products are being produce with a handmade coating procedure by experience craftsman piece by piece. Together with our special blend of coating color are being blended and produced batch by batch then expose to a high temperature treatment. Due to these meticulous processes, slight variations from one item to another are to be expected. Such variations are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products and with each minor distinction will make each of your purchase special and truly one of a kind.

    Usage instruction
    Enamel product are very versatile and can be use with many home appliances including:
    Gas stove / Hot plate / Heat induction stove / Oven / Air fryer / Steamer / Freezer / Dishwasher safe
    * enamelware is NOT microwavable

    Caring instruction
    Enamelware is usually very durable and last a long time, however proper care and handling are still require as follows:
    - Avoid impact toward the hard surface or heavy abrasion such as dropping or scratching may cause a crack or chip on the outer surface.
    - If the damage area is considering a food contact area, please avoid using the product as food container.
    - Use a soft sponges or cloth with detergent to clean the surface, avoid abrasive or sharp cleaning tools
    - Dishwasher safe
    - Towel dry or air dry facing up to avoid any water residue to store around the edge/rim of the products
    With proper use and care enamelware can last for years to come.

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