Kai Lampang Series


Lampang chicken

In Thailand and many other Asian countries, this running rooster is a very well-known artwork and has been applied in many cookware products but the most common location where you can spot this running rooster is on the noodle bowl in Thailand. This infamous rooster is locally known as Lampang chicken, where Lampang is a northern province in Thailand where the border is attached to the world-renowned city Chiangmai. The history of this Lampang chicken has to trace back to main land China in Guangdong province where the first chicken bowl has been created and popularized. However, during the late 1930s, many Chinese has decided to migrate over to southern countries including Thailand, this migration has brought not only the Chinese population to Thailand but with various knowledge and crafts along with them as well. The Chinese immigrant whose possess the craft of ceramics and porcelain painting has settled down everywhere but one particular group has travelled to the northern region of Thailand, Lampang. After they have settled down, they have come to realized that the soil of Lampang is very suitable for pottery and decided to set up the first pottery factory in 1957s and produced the infamous chicken bowl and carried on their legacy in Thailand Lampang. From that point onwards Lampang pottery industry has grew rapidly, which leads to Lampang has turned itself to become the main producer of the porcelain pottery of Thailand. Among all of the Lampang pottery product, the most iconic design that has been widely accept by not just Thai customer but by customer around the world as well, is no other than this rooster image. Through times, people has recognized this running rooster as the symbol of Lampang and hence along comes the name of “Lampang chicken”.

The Rabbit brand® by Siam Enamel would like to celebrate the glorious local culture and offer our dear customers with a 5 pieces Lampang chicken series, which consisting of; Pinto food carrier 10/3, 14 cm bowl, 9 cm mug, 8 inches flat plate, and the 20 cm salad bowl.

Classic Enamel Food Carrier 14/3 White/Green - Kai Lampang
sec-fc143-whg-klp191 Packing 6 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Bowl 14 cm White/Green - Kai Lampang
sep-bo014-whg-klp191 Packing 48 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Mug 9 cm White/Green - Kai Lampang
sep-mu009-whg-klp191 Packing 36 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Flat Plate 8 in White/Green - Kai Lampang
sep-fp008-whg-klp191 Packing 48 Unit/Carton
Premium Enamel Salad Bowl 20 cm White/Green - Kai Lampang
sep-sb020-whg-klp191 Packing 24 Unit/Carton